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"AFUT (Arlingtonians for Upzoning Transparency) is made up of Arlington residents who have joined together to oppose what appears to be a foregone conclusion by County officials to upzone single-family neighborhoods.


What is Upzoning?

Upzoning would change the County’s zoning code for single-family home neighborhoods to allow construction of multifamily units, like duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes and townhouses.

Why Do We Oppose Upzoning Arlington?

We believe upzoning could bring greater density, higher property taxes, increased school crowding, diminished environmental quality, less green space, loss of trees, greater storm water problems, more parking issues, increased demand for services and a poorer quality of life — while being unlikely to increase diversity or affordability.

What Does Upzoning Have to Do with Arlington’s Missing Middle Housing Study?

“Missing Middle” suggests that new housing resulting from upzoning will be affordable to middle class families. Yet, county officials have consistently said that “upzoning is unrelated to housing prices.”  By likely increasing property values, upzoning could further gentrify Arlington County and create denser and more expensive housing.

Learn More About Up-Zoning.

What Can You Do? Join Us.

  • Let the Arlington County Board know how you feel about up-zoning

  • Volunteer to help spread the word to your neighbors

  • Follow AfUT on Twitter @ArlUpzonTranspa"


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