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Flooding or Related Problems? Please Let Us Know.

The Lyon Village Citizens Association (LVCA) is participating with eight other civic associations to promote solutions for storm water management in our area. The Spout Run Watershed is one of five critical watersheds identified by the county for stormwater capacity improvements. The Spout Run Watershed includes Dominion Hills, Waverly Hills, Cherrydale, Maywood, Woodmont, North Highlands, Ballston, VA Square, Lyon Village, and Ashton Heights. This work will be coordinated with the next stages of the Plan Langston Boulevard process, which hasn’t provided recommendations for stormwater management to date.

Problems with storm water management stem in large part to the undergrounding of streams into culverts in Arlington many years ago when the county had much more green/open space and fewer people. That infrastructure was designed at that time to meet the needs of the “10-year” storm. Issues of storm water management were brought to the forefront recently when Arlington experienced severe flooding after a July 2019 storm.

One area of concern for Lyon Village is the intersection of Langston Boulevard, Spout Run and N. Kirkwood Road, which is regularly flooded during rainstorms.

We’d like to hear from you if you have experiences, such as flooding in your street or sidewalk, water running overland through your property during/after heavy rain, or significant (greater than 6 inches) of water running into/through your basement. Please send an email to:

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