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Wanted: Newsletter Delivery Person, LVCA Board Members, Community House Board Members

The LVCA is looking for a person to take over a delivery route for the newsletter. Route 19 is bounded by Harvard St., Hartford St., Key Blvd, and 18th St. The newsletter is delivered once a month, with a break in the summer. The newsletters arrive in a small bundle on your doorstep the weekend of delivery, and you walk them around. It's a great way to see neighbors and get a tiny bit of exercise. If you're interested, please contact Bob Braddock -

In May we plan to elect officers for the Lyon Village Executive Committee, the governing board of the Lyon Village Citizens Association. There are a variety of roles that folks can serve in. It is a great way to meet your neighbors and get involved in our wonderful neighborhood. If you would like to consider being an officer, please contact John Carten at

The Lyon Village Community House Board needs additional board members to help us expand the ways the facility can serve our neighbors. Creative thinkers, bookkeepers, and handypersons are all welcome and needed! Call 703-399-2130 if interested or email

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