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A short video of Lyon Village history (click to play).

LV history video. 


Most of Lyon Village was originally part of Robert Cruit's estate, which was purchased in 1846 and 1847 as a weekend and holiday retreat and later used as a dairy farm. The property was purchased by Frank Lyon on June 26, 1923 and divided into lots for real estate development. Approximately thirty-seven percent of the existing homes in Lyon Village were built in the 1920's, another thirty-six percent in the 1930's, and the remainder since 1940. The neighborhood is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


The Lyon Village Citizens' Association was formally established on February 24, 1926 in the real estate office of Lyon & Fitch. The first meeting was called to order by Herbert E. Plymale, President of the Arlington County Civic Federation, at which time Monroe H. Stockett was unanimously elected Chairman of the fledgling Lyon Village Citizens' Association. From the minutes maintained during the first year of its existence, it is evident that the Lyon Village Citizens' Association faced many of the same problems with which it is concerned today: speeding through the Village, inadequate street lighting, and zoning and development issues. Membership started at 35 and grew to 130 during the first year. There was a great deal of citizen participation in lawn fetes, minstrel shows, carnivals, and the association's monthly meetings.


Today the Lyon Village Citizens' Association is an active organization that maintains many of the goals stated when it was organized. It, along with neighboring civic associations, has been very active in the development of the sector plan for the Court House, Clarendon, and Virginia Square Metro station areas. It is hoped that these sector plans will provide an exciting framework for development that will be compatible with established neighborhoods such as Lyon Village.


Read an article about Lyon Village history and our 144 page application for the National Register of Historic Places below: Lyon Village History National Register of Historic Places Application Form


Lyon Village Historic District

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