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100 Trees to Celebrate 100 Years


We have challenged ourselves to plant 100 trees to celebrate our 100 years as a Civic Association. Here are ways you can join us to meet the challenge of growing our canopy and green space together…


Fall 2024 Planting - Apply now


Sign up for Free Trees Now Fall Tree Deadline is July 12 2024 Sign up form 

Species available now for Fall 2024 planting - apply now 




Eco-Action: These are free professionally planted trees through Eco-Action, funded through fees to developers who remove trees. There are both Fall and Spring order and planting schedules. If you are interested in a free, professionally planted canopy tree this Spring, send sign up now with link above. 


100-year anniversary tree mosaic. When you plant a tree, we’d like your help documenting our campaign by creating a 100-year anniversary tree mosaic. When you plant a tree, please send Jackie Snelling a picture that we can use to document your addition for our total count and to include in a mosaic of all the trees we have planted.

County provided free Trees for Private Property: This is an annual program that has both Spring and Fall pick up times. You order, and then pick up and plant the trees when they are available. The application period is generally in September. In addition to canopy trees, this tree selection now includes popular understory trees and flowering trees such as Crepe Myrtle and Dogwood. These are first come, first served based on availability.

Street Trees and trees for public spaces: This is an annual program. Ordering is always open, but County planting follows a spring and fall schedule. Generally, orders for spring planting are by the end of September and for fall by the end of June. The County provides and plants the trees for public spaces including “street trees” for right of way between curb and sidewalk and trees for other public spaces such as parks and medians. The County website provides a link where residents can request street trees for both fall and spring planting periods.

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