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Celebrate 100th Birthday: Friday, October 27: Square Dance

Friday, October 27: Square Dance

Through the years, dancing was an important Lyon Village social activity. To celebrate this historic social pastime, on Friday night we will have a square dance at the Community House. Joining us will be square dance callers Nelson Wakeman and Tom Hughes. They are long time square dance callers in the Shenandoah Valley. Get out your calicos and ginghams and come out and join the fun. No prior square dancingexperience is required,all you need to know is your right foot from your left. The dancing will include adults and kids over the age of seven. There will also be alternate activities for younger kids. The cost is $5 per adult and $3 per child with a family maximum of

$15 for the evening. The dance will start at 7:00pm. To volunteer to help with refreshments or working with the kids, please email

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