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Langston Boulevard Plan

Plan Langston Boulevard

Arlington County just released their revised plan for Langston Blvd. The Plan is to guide development for Langston Boulevard over the next several decades.

Their planning team has just released the Preliminary Concept Plan (PCP) for the Langston Boulevard corridor. Based on community input, the PCP refines the ideas and concepts previously shared in the land use scenarios into a preferred concept for Langston Boulevard and describes planning goals and policies for development.

You can join the Plan Langston Boulevard team at a Design Studio to ask questions, share feedback, and discuss the PCP. Design Studios are hosted at the Langston Boulevard Alliance office. Drop by or schedule a meeting with a member of the planning team.

4500 Langston Blvd.Arlington, VA 22207

Go to their Website to learn more about the Plan and find out the schedule for the public meetings at:

Download PDF • 201.44MB

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