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LVCA April 11 Meeting, 8pm: Update on Two Major Projects

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We are pleased to have Jim Lantelme as our guest speaker at the April meeting. Jim is a long-time resident of Lyon Village, former president of the Lyon Village Citizens Association, current member of the Arlington Planning Commission, and Chair of the Long Range Planning Committee. Jim will be discussing two of the upcoming major development projects that are close to Lyon Village.

· Court House West Project where the county is considering what height and density to put on the block bounded by Wilson Blvd., Danville Street, Clarendon Blvd. and Cleveland Street. This includes height options of up to 180 feet, which would be an 18-story residential building. The current Court House Plan envisions commercial buildings of one to four stories.

· The Langston Blvd. Plan where a revised plan for the corridor will likely be released sometime this spring. An initial version of the plan was released last spring and drew a lot of LV opposition for providing incentives to demolish the houses in the first two blocks between Langston Blvd. and N. 18th Street. This include homes in Lyon Village that are on the national register of historic places. Our focus is on the part of the plan that affects Lyon Village. Jim will be discussing how neighbors can participate in the county planning process for these two projects.

Just like other recent meetings, this meeting will be virtual. You can go to Zoom (, select "Join a Meeting" from the top navigation and use Meeting ID: 821 0042 5541 and Passcode: 929473 to join the meeting. Please plan to join the meeting by 7:55pm so we can start on time.

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